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Commercial Aplications

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When fats, oils, and grease (FOG) enter the sewer, they create a variety of problems, such as sewer blockages and spills, which put the health and safety of the public at risk. Grease interceptors have played an important role in preventing accumulated FOG from clogging sewer lines.

Where there is a need to keep sewer systems running smoothly, precast grease interceptors are the dependable product solution. Grease interceptor precast concrete vaults are manufactured with a divider to separate grease from water before allowing the water to continue on to the septic system or sewage lines. Typical applications are near a roadway or parking lot with commercial kitchens or anywhere a large amount of grease and water are commingled. Oldcaslte Infrastructure’s Grease interceptors are effective in grease removal, along with decreasing maintenance costs and deterioration of collection systems.

The purpose of grease traps (also called grease interceptors) is to allow separation of solids and grease, to contain them in a holding facility, and to prevent these harmful wastes from entering the main sewer system or septic tank.

3000 Gallon Grease Interceptor Installation​